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(A) No suit shall be brought on any claim for money or damages against the City or any Board, or official thereof, until a demand for the same has been presented as herein provided and rejected in whole or in part. If rejected in part, suit may be brought to recover the whole. All claims for damages against the City must be presented to the City Clerk within the time limits prescribed by the laws of the State of California after the occurrence, event, or transaction from which the damages allegedly arose, and shall set forth in detail the name and address of the claimant, the time, date, place, and circumstances of the occurrence and the extent of the injuries or damages received.

(B) The provisions of the foregoing subsection (A) shall not prohibit payment on invoice, claims for goods, wares, materials, and/or services supplied to the City, and the provisions for payment on account of said items shall be set out by an ordinance adopted by the Council.