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A. Subject to other more restrictive limitations, a vehicle may be stopped or parked within eighteen inches of the left-hand curb facing in the direction of traffic movement upon any one-way street unless signs are in place prohibiting such stopping or standing.

B. In the event a highway includes two or more separate roadways and traffic is restricted to one direction upon any such roadway, no person shall stand or park a vehicle upon the left-hand side of such one-way roadway unless signs are in place permitting such standing or parking.

C. The public works director or their designee(s) is authorized to determine when standing or parking shall be prohibited upon the left-hand side of any one-way roadway or a highway having two or more separate roadways and shall erect signs giving notice thereof.

D. The requirements of parallel parking imposed by this section shall not apply in the event any commercial vehicle is actually engaged in the process of loading or unloading freight or goods, in which case such vehicle may be backed up to the curb; provided, that such vehicle does not extend beyond the centerline of the street and does not block traffic thereby. (Ord. 1628 § 27, 2016; prior code § 3210.3)