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Encroachment permits shall be issued for a specific length of time, which shall not exceed a reasonable time necessary to do the work as determined by the director. In the case of permits for encroachments which are visible in the area of the street right-of-way used for passage of the public, the encroachment may be required to be removed upon notice of the director. Encroachments installed under permit which required the maintenance of insurance naming the city as additionally insured shall be removed if the insurance is not maintained. In the absence of any prior agreement to the contrary, no cause shall be necessary to be shown or proven to modify, revise or revoke any encroachment permit or deny an original or renewal request. Utility companies will not be required to have a current permit to conduct any maintenance that does not require any cutting of concrete or asphalt and/or excavation. (Ord. 1131 § 2 (part), 1989)