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A. Any encroachment which does not meet established city standards for design and construction shall be subject to review by the director and the community development director.

B. Any encroachment which will limit the amount of sidewalk available for pedestrians shall further be reviewed to meet concerns for pedestrian safety and to ensure adequate area for pedestrian passage. In residential areas a minimum of four feet of sidewalk shall be clear for pedestrian passage. In areas with sidewalks subject to high pedestrian activity as determined by the director, the width of the sidewalk which may be blocked by an encroachment shall be as determined by the director.

C. Encroachments shall not be physically in contact with street furniture or street trees.

D. Encroachments shall not restrict pedestrian access to parked vehicles, to buses in bus loading zones, or to access points of abutting property.

E. Encroachments shall not be allowed which in the opinion of the director constitute a hazard to vehicles or pedestrians.

F. All encroachments which provide a public service such as newsracks or vending machines shall have plainly posted on their face the name and phone number of the party responsible for maintenance end operation. (Ord. 1131 § 5 (part), 1989)