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A. Property Maintenance. Where it is determined by the city or by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board that an area used by animals is affecting water quality, the city will require the property owner or authorized representative to implement measures, which may include installation of preclusionary devices, to eliminate the pollution and prevent the migration of waste components to the storm drain system. Installation of devices or measures may require permits from the city or other regulatory agency. Installation, maintenance and permitting are the responsibility of the property owner.

B. Feeding Near Water Bodies. No person shall feed feral animals or deposit or leave any foodstuff of any kind or nature, except in a trash receptacle provided for that purpose, within one hundred feet of a lake or creek.

C. Domesticated Animal Waste. All persons owning, possessing, in control of, or otherwise responsible for an animal, must promptly collect, pick up and remove all fecal matter left by the animal on public or private lands. Animals in agricultural areas are not covered under this subsection if the area complies with subsection A of this section or is covered under separate regulation. (Ord. 1543 § 2 (part), 2010)