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A. In any case wherein demolition or removal of any existing structure is a part of architectural review approval, the demolition or removal shall be completed, and all debris removed from the site, within the specific period of days designated in the architectural review approval, or the entire architectural review approval shall be deemed to have expired for cause.

B. Architectural review approvals will automatically expire in one year unless a different expiration date or unlimited expiration is stipulated at the time of approval. An applicant may at any time apply to the director for an extension of up to one year; provided, that approval not exceed a maximum of two years from the date of original approval. The director may grant the extension if he or she finds that there has been no substantial change in the factual circumstances surrounding the originally approved design. The director may make minor modifications of the approved design at the time of extension. Any further extension beyond two years from the date of original approval shall require submission of a new application for architectural review commission approval. (Ord. 1417 § 3 (part), 2002)