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An advisory body comprised of seven members is hereby created to carry out the functions of an advisory board under Section 36530 of the law. Said advisory body shall be referred to as the tourism business improvement district board or TBID board. The members of the TBID board shall be appointed following the city’s recruitment guidelines for advisory bodies. All applicants and members must be operators of hotels within the district, or employed by the operator of such a hotel. The length of the term for each individual member of the TBID board shall follow the guidelines of all city advisory bodies and is limited to eight subsequent years. Members of the TBID board shall serve in good standing; failure to pay assessments levied under this chapter or to pay transient occupancy taxes to the city constitutes loss of good standing and shall result in removal from the TBID board. Members of the TBID board shall serve at the pleasure of the city council and may be removed by the city council at any time. If a member no longer represents the lodging establishment for which he or she was selected to the TBID board, his or her seat will be vacated and a new member will be appointed. The TBID board shall review the implementation of this chapter, the implementation of programs and activities funded through this chapter, and advise the city council on the amount of the district’s assessments and on the services, programs, and activities to be funded by the assessments, and shall perform such other duties as required by the law, including preparing the annual report required by Section 36533 of the law. The annual report shall be submitted to the city council no later than ninety days before the new budget year. The city council shall ensure that the TBID board has timely access to all public information regarding collection, disbursement, and uses of the funds collected under the terms of this chapter. (Ord. 1536 § 2, 2009)