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A. Any violation of designated sections of the San Luis Obispo Municipal Code that is committed within an area that has been designated by the city council as a safety enhancement zone, and during the time that designation is effective, shall be subject to a fine that is twice the amount of the fine specified for the designated municipal code sections, up to a maximum of one thousand dollars.

B. Safety Enhancement Zone Violations. Fines for violations committed in the safety enhancement zone shall apply to the following provisions: Chapter 9.04 (Possession of Open Containers or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Public Places), Chapter 9.05 (hosting a gathering where underage persons consume alcohol), Chapter 9.12 (Noise Control), Chapter 9.13 (Unruly Gatherings), Chapter 9.16 (dangerous and deadly weapons), and Chapter 9.20 (urination in public). Violations of Chapter 2.24 (Emergency Services), or of any duly enacted rule or regulation pursuant to Chapter 2.24, or of any local (city or county of San Luis Obispo), state of California, or United States emergency or public health emergency measure, order or directive issued pursuant to any declared local, state, or federal emergency applicable within the city shall be subject to enforcement throughout the geographic limits of the city under this section immediately upon declaration of the emergency, and for the duration of the declared emergency, and shall be subject to an immediate one thousand dollar penalty as an immediate threat to public health or safety. A separate offense shall be deemed to have been committed whenever a person repeats the act that constitutes the violation. (Ord. 1692 § 4, 2021; Ord. 1548 § 2, 2010)